About Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance

America’s relationship with Qatar is at a crossroads.  Even the Trump Administration is conflicted by policies calling for continued pressure on Doha to end its support of terrorism while at the same time praising the country for its willingness to disrupt future financing for terrorists.  While the President took credit for influencing the imposition of sanctions from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praised the Gulf monarchy for its willingness to “do more to collaborate, share information, and keep the region and our homeland safe.”


Confusion within the Administration is only exacerbated among congressional leaders, academics, and the public at large—those who see Qatar as an ally and home to Al Udeid Air Base, with its ten thousand servicemen and –women, and those who are troubled by its history of support for Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, al-Qaida, ISIS, and other militant Islamist organizations.  Even now, policy wars are raging among U.S. think tanks, each trying to define Qatar—its ideology, motives, and future—in a way that fits within its respective philosophy and financial scheme.


Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance, is a multi-media educational program to not only inform the ongoing debate but to ensure accuracy and accountability through six engaging mini-documentaries—each providing eminently verifiable information and expert analysis from leading experts, as well as offering up-to-date news and information.


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